Presenting at the Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki

Tobias Maier and myself introduced Open Consortium yesterday at Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki, a week of participatory sessions, hackatons and keynote lectures on the topic of open data.

Tobias and Peter introducing Open Consortium

Tobias introducing Open Consortium (left) and Peter on the creation of data hubs using Drupal and Open Data (right).

We presented at the topic stream Open Data in Business Research together with Maria Krestyaninova from Simbioms, who showcased technology to manage large sets of data within scientific consortia. Our session was live streamed and recorded. If you missed it, you can watch it online here (start from minute 36:34). Or have a look at our slides below.

We hope to be able to contribute to the open data movement in the future (e.g. by building on the open data provided by the European Commission) and make science in Europe more accessible, understandable and transparent to the general public.