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We speak the language of science. We can help you communicate your research project and take that headache away with our communication and technology platform. Open Consortium is based on open-source software that won't lock you in. Moreover, we can design the identity for your consortium and make sure your science really stands out.

So, what can it do for you?

Highlight scientific research

It's all about the research and the researchers! A beautiful and informative website for your consortium will help inform your target public about the research you are doing and the impact you are having. With Open Consortium, we help you make this easier!

highlight-scientific research

Visualise the network

There is no better way to understand your network than seeing it on an interactive map.

visualise-the network

We manage several collaborative projects and we need to promote their visibility and disseminate their results on the web. Open Consortium provides us with an easy-to-implement, tailored solution which allows us (and our collaborators) to edit and manage content in an extremely user-friendly interface. Our websites always look neat and accessible. Michela Bertero, Head of International & Scientific Affairs. CRG, Barcelona

Promote science events

Need to organize science events: workshops, internal meetings, or scientific conferences? Promote these using the built-in events system, prominently featured on the homepage. Additionally, event registration can be integrated as well.

promote-science events

Integrate social media

Facebook or Twitter, a mailing list, or comments on your blog posts. Your consortium website is ready to talk with all these other websites. You'll reach a larger audience and we'll make sure you don't have to put content in too many places!

integrate-social media

Publicize jobs

Need to hire in the consortium? A well-thought out job page can make it easier for you to promote your jobs and have applications apply directly via the website.


Our multinational scientific collaboration was pleased to work with Open Consortium to develop both an attractive and easy-to-navigate public-facing website for our project, as well as a highly functional private intranet to support communication between our scientific researchers. Open Consortium provided us with a web presence that was very effective in augmenting our outreach and dissemination efforts. Karola Kirsanow, Project Manager BEAN network. Mainz, Germany

Manage the project content

Nobody knows better than you what your science project needs to show on the web, so why don't you create the website yourself? Powered by Drupal, the popular open-source content management system, you can add and manage the project content yourself, whether these are pages, menus, researcher profiles, job openings or projects.

manage-the project content

Communicate through different devices. It looks good everywhere

We follow a systematic approach in designing your identity and website, involving you at every step of the process. And we guarantee that your website will look splendid on every device, whether it is your smartphone on the road, your tablet in the sofa or your computer screen at work.

communicate-through different devices. it looks good everywhere

Host it without headaches

Through our partnership with Pantheon, a leading website management platform, hosting your website is a breeze. We can provide you with both a test and a production environment, so that you can preview any changes before they go live. Of course, if you want to host the site yourself, we can also transfer the site to your institute's servers.

host-it without headaches

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Built on Drupal 8, the hottest web system in education today (check the Drupal Education Resource Guide). Your Open Consortium website can be extended with over a 1000 available modules. Of course, we are there to assist you before, during and after the launch of your Consortium website.

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